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Newspapers and radio stations around West Virginia value the skills and experience student media staffers bring to summer internships. And those internships in turn prepare staffers to lead the DA and U92 and make them especially attractive to employers after graduation. Here are some of the DA and U92 staff and where they are interning this summer:

Summer 2019

The DA

Douglas Soule Editor-in-Chief The DA

Douglas Soule, DA Editor-in-Chief
Internship: POLITICO Journalism Institute, Washington DC 

POLITICO Journalism Institute is a journalism training program in partnership with American University and the Maynard Institute, that allows student participants to report and produce news stories.

Gabriella Brown The DA

Gabriella Brown, DA Staff Writer
Internship: The Exponent Telegram, Clarksburg, WV

“Before I started writing for the DA, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career, but the DA helped me realize my passion for journalism. The skills I have gained from constantly writing articles and getting feedback from the staff has prepared me to take on this internship. 

After every article I get published, someone on staff gives me helpful feedback. It is obvious the staff truly cares about the DA, and I am so thankful to be able to be a part of that team."

Alayna Fuller The DA

Alayna Fuller, DA Assistant News Editor
Internship: The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV

"By being a reporter for the DA, I’ve learned what it is actually like to be a real-world reporter. For the DA I have interviewed important people within the university and throughout the state. I have learned how to meet strict deadlines, write more clearly and gather important information correctly. 

I value having an internship because it will open up more opportunities for me in the future as well as provide me with more journalistic knowledge."

Jordyn Johnson The DA

Jordyn Johnson, DA Digital Editor
Internship: The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV

"The DA has given me the practical skills I could not receive in class to be a knowledgeable and confident journalist, which greatly prepared me for the internship I received. 

Without the DA, I would not have had the skill set my employer was looking for or the hands-on experience needed to secure the job.  

I value having an internship, because having a résumé that includes a variety of experience before graduation will only make me more hirable and more likely to be able to score my dream job.."

Hannah Morgan The DA

Hannah Morgan, DA Culture Staff Writer
Internship: The Register-Herald, Beckley, WV

" I have only worked at the DA for one semester, but the experience it has given me is like no other. Thanks to working here, I feel confident enough to approach any story my internship will hand me. The DA is a hands-on experience, and it’s truly fun, but it builds skills, too. 

Since high school, I understood that if I wanted to prepare for my career, I’d have to have an internship. So when I got this one, I was extremely thankful. I believe it’s going to help me build skills and feel a little more secure about my résumé and finding a job after college."  

Summer 2018

The DA

Douglas Soule, The DA's Editor for 2018-19 scholl year.
Douglas Soule, DA Editor in Chief
Internship: The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV

"The DA has not only become my college experience, but it has given me significant career experience too. Without the student newspaper, I wouldn't have been ready to write a lede, let alone lead."

Jordyn Johnson is interning at Metro News.

Jordyn Johnson, DA Digital Editor
Internship: WV MetroNews, Charleston, WV

Jeffrey McCullough is interning at The Exponent Telegram.
Jeffrey McCullough, DA Columnist
Internship: Clarksburg Exponent Telegram, Clarksburg, WV

"The DA helped give me the skills and speed required in a newsroom, allowing me to not only get an internship, but be successful at it. I can’t imagine how I could have done this without The DA’s help."

Joe Severino is interning at the Charleston Gazette-Mail.
Joe Severino, DA Reporter
Internship: The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Charleston, WV

"Working for a student publication is the best thing a young journalist can do for themselves. The experience and knowledge I received from working at the DA is the only reason I was able to get this internship."

Garrett Lester is an intern at The DA.
Garrett Lester, DA Media Consultant
Internship: DA Advertising Research, Morgantown, WV

"The Daily Athenaeum has given me the chance to see businesses all over Morgantown. Showing me countless places that without The DA I might not have ever found."

Hannah Williams is interning at WAJR.
Hannah Williams, DA Designer
Internship: WAJR Morgantown, WV

"I decided to be part of the DA as a way to build my resume, but I ended up gaining so much more than that. I gained lifelong friends and connections within the newsroom along with some solid pieces for my portfolio. I also landed an internship through my work at the DA that has allowed me to widen my skills as not only a journalist, but a well-rounded multimedia professional."


Picture of Gillian Brooks, U92 staff and intern for The Charleston Gazette-Mail.
Gillian Brooks, U92 News staff
Internship: West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Charleston, WV

“Deciding to work at U92 has been one of the best decisions I have made so far in college. Working at the station has helped me gain experience in broadcasting such as delivering news on air, writing scripts and putting together packages. Also, without U92, I wouldn’t have been able to find my summer internship with West Virginia Public Broadcasting!”