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About Us

WVU is a proud supporter of its independent student media. The Daily Athenaeum and U92 are funded through student fees and are totally student-run and independent of the university. The newspaper and radio station play valuable roles at WVU by providing opportunities for students to hone the skills they learn in the classroom and by creating welcoming and inclusive communities that support students outside the classroom.

The DA

The Daily Athenaeum began in 1887 and remains the independent student voice of West Virginia University. Students produce all content, sell the ads, update the website daily. Our delivery is 2,500 copies delivered on campus each Wednesday, and inserted Fridays in the Dominion Post around the Morgantown area. It is proud of its role as a watchdog for the WVU community and has produced generations of journalists and students of all majors who have honed business and leadership skills at the DA.


Founded in 1982, U92 the Moose is the student-run college radio station of West Virginia University. The station broadcasts on 91.7 on the FM dial and online at U92 is known for launching many students into the broadcast industry and, at the same time, standing strong as the New Music Pioneer, playing new and experimental music. Their sports department covers play-by-play of WVU Soccer, Women's Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, and carry a WVU pregame show known as the Touchdown City Tailgate (TCT). The U92 News staff has a live new/talk show called Feedback that brings experts in to discuss controversial topics happening in the news, giving listeners a deeper understanding of sometimes complicated issues.

Prospect & Price Creative

Prospect and Price Creative is a student-run creative services agency. Located at the intersection of Prospect and Price Streets in Morgantown, our mission is to provide a hands-on learning environment where our students can work together with local businesses in need of our services to maintain a prosperous future in Morgantown and beyond. Opportunities for students include design, advertising, marketing, PR, audio and video production, client consultation, and much more.